Please Note…

All our fine game guns have undergone an extensive programme of restoration. All barrels have been Re-London Nitro Proofed to 2 3/4" chambers. They naturally have a practical and sensible wall thickness, fine walnut stocks and forends, have a minimum LOP of 14 1/2" and have all undergone a refurbishment of their traditional oil finish and have been skillfully re-checkered.

272) 12 Bore RIGBY Hammer Gun

Outstanding original 30" acid etched barrels. Underlever snap-action opening with bar side locks. Very crisp original engraving with superbly figured finest Walnut stock. This late Rigby hammer gun is in a wonderful condition and has obviously seen little use. Guns in this condition are very rare.

359) 12 Bore LINDSLEY Brothers Hammer Gun

Superb 30" Damascus barrels. Finely engraved sidelock action. Highly figured walnut stock, which has had a repair hence price. Push-buttoned fore end. A great value late game shooting hammer gun.

131) E. J. CHURCHILL .410 Double Barreled Hammer Gun

E. J. Churchill, Agar St, London true scale back-action top lever hammer gun. 28" Whitworth steel barrels. Crisp engraving and round bodied. Superb highly figured 14.1/2" Walnut stock. A very early E. J. Churchill hammer gun, mid 1890s of which I believe only five were made. Awaiting photographs.

433) 28 Bore WARRILOW Hammer Gun

Superb true scale double barreled Warrilow hammer gun. 28" fluid compressed steel barrels. Choke bore. Original with detailed crisp engraving. Superb 14.3/4" English Walnut stock. A lovely well balanced late 28" Bore hammer gun.

240) 12 Bore TURNER of Bond Street Boxlock Ejector

A beautifully made traditional Turner lightweight gun with the rare inclusion of an Ejector mechanism. 28" Steel barrels. Outstanding cutaway walnut stock with detailed scroll engraving throughout. A rare and lovely gun.

216) 16 Bore Hammer Gun by M.A. SAAM of Frankfurt

An unusual and beautifully made continental hammer gun in outstanding condition. 25 1/2 inch steel barrels. Unique horn tipped opening mechanism. Traditional hunting scene and scroll engraving throughout. This gun may have at one time had a set of rifle barrels. It is very much a practical shooter with a difference.

296) 20 Bore McLOUGHLIN Boxlock Ejector

Fine 28" original Damascus barrels. Push-rod fore end, automatic safety, 14 3/4 dark highly figured stock. 20 Bore boxlock ejectors with their original Damascus barrels are very hard to find.

483) 12 Bore F. B. BAKER Boxlock Ejector

A very late English classic top lever box lock ejector. Original very fine 30" barrels with game choking. This gun is virtually in an unused conditon and retains crisp engraving with some colour hardening. Finely figured straighthand English walnut stock with push-rod fore end.

340) 12 Bore STEPHEN GRANT Hammer Gun

Probably The Oldest Stehpen Grant Centrefire Hammer Gun Availible. Fine London Recently Nitroed 30" Damascus Barrels. Rotary Underlever Action With Sidelock Dolphin Hammers. A Unique Classic Gun Of Very High Quality.

278) 12 Bore CHARLES OSBORNE Hammer Gun

Late Round Action With Backaction Locks. Scroll Engraving. 30" Steel Barrels. 14 3/4" Figured Stock with Steel Buttend. Snap Action Forend.

247) 12 Bore SAMUEL SMITH Hammer Gun

 A beautiful very early centre fire gun by this classic maker. In a very nice original condition. Black powder proof only.

287) 16 Bore BARTRAM OF BRAINTREE Hammer Gun

Lovely Scaled Bar Back Action Hammer Gun. Rebounding Hammers. Grip Safety With Unusual Forward Locking Lever. All Delightfully Engraved. 14 1/2" English Walnut Stock And Shaped Forend. 30" Fine Damascus Barrels. An Unusual High Quality Practical Classic English Game Gun In Nice Condition.

402) 12 Bore W ANSELL Hammer Gun

A very fine push forward snap action underlever hammer gun by this noted provincial maker. 27" choked highly figured late Damascus barrels made by W W Greener (obviously a later edition). Floral engraved back-action locks with lovely dolphin hammers. A unique patent action which on opening the gun draws back the firing pins. Fine English walnut stock.

279) 12 Bore E A BALES Side Lock Non Ejector

30" Damascus Barrels. Cira 1883, W C Scott Patent Lock Saftey Hammerless Action. Crystal Cocking Indicators. Automatic Saftey. A Classic Early Hammerless Side Lock. Nice Condition. Provincial Gun Maker With Unique Features. An Interesting Practical Game Gun.

242) 12 Bore THOMAS TURNER Hammer Gun

Thomas Turner Bond Street. High Grade. Light Weight Hammer Gun. 5 3/4 Pounds. Very Fine 14 1/2" All Wood Stock Traditional Cutaway. 28" Fine Damascus Barrels Choked 1/4 1/2. In Its Original Case.  

34) 16 Bore JAMES WOODWARD Under Lever Hammer Gun

 A late rebounding back-action locks underlever Woodward Hammer Gun. Crisp classic Woodward engraving. Fine walnut pistol grip stock. 27 inch Whitworth steel barrels. Rebarreled by Woodward. 16 Bore Woodward hammer guns are very rare.

100) 12 Bore JEFFRIES of Norwich Hammer Gun

Probably one of the best hammer guns I''ve seen. Unique 4 Bolt Action, push-forward captive fore end. Top lever opening. Crisp superb detailed engraving on a side lock bar action. Finest 30 inch Damascus barrels. Fine pistol grip full walnut stock.

110) 12 Bore JAMES MacNAUGHTON Top Lever Hammer Gun

A late classic top-lever MacNaughton hammer gun. 30 inch highly figured fine twist Damascus barrels. Superb highly figured straight hand walnut stock. Crisp and finely detailed sidelock action with patented Deeley forend catch. A late model gun with typical MacNaughton features; highly figured scaled hammers, extended top lever. MacNaughton was considered by many as the premier Scottish gunmaker, who like Boss only built very fine guns, which were few in number.

425) 28 Bore Single Barrel Hammer by TOWNSEND & WILLIAMS

A very rare side-lever opening single barrel 28 bore hammer gun. Beautiful 27" Damascus barrel. Magnificent 14 1/2" figured walnut stock. Crisp engraving with traces of colour. A unique fun little gun.

369) 12 Bore THOMAS TURNER, Bond Street London, Sidelock Hammerless

A rare early transitional hammerless sidelock action non-ejector by this classic maker. 28" tightly choked steel barrels. Crisp deep engraved action with automatic safety. Classic turner lightweight fore end and stock. Weighs just over 6lbs.  

414) 12 Bore Hammer Gun by H&E Hammond of Winchester

Patented double lock fast action. Unique side lever opening. 30" Highly figured Damascus barrels with engraved rib. Lovely back action locks with rebounding dolphin hammers. Full original pistol grip stock in dark figured walnut. Crisp unique detailed engraving. A fine provincial hamer gun of the highest quality.

363) 16 Bore W. GRIFFITHS Manchester Hammer Gun

Late classic round-bodied back-action lock top lever hammer gun. 30" fine twist Damascus barrels with dolls head extension. Push rod fore end and English walnut stock with toe and heel clips. The condition of this fine provincial gun is very much as made. The delightful fine scroll engraving is crisp with slight traces of colour. An outstandingly good quality provincial gun. 


Classic Round Action Top Lever With Back Action Locks. Fine Unique Scroll Engraving In A Crisp Condition. 29 1/2" Patent Twist Damascus Barrels Retaining Full Original Engraving. Classic English Walnut Straighthand Stock.

396) 12 Bore CHARLES BOSWELL Hammer Gun

A very unique and rare Charles Boswell Vena Contracta. A 12 Bore barrel on a 20 Bore action. 26" fine Damascus barrels choked half & quarter. 3rd bite top lever side clipped side lock action. Full crisp rose and scroll engraving throughout. Highly figured walnut stock. With extra length push rod fore end. Overall weight 5lbs 9oz. A very fast lightweight game gun.

180) 12 Bore CHARLES BOSWELL Hammer Gun

A Late Sidelock Bar Action Toplever Hamer Gun By Charles Boswell The Strand London. Fine 30" Damascus Barrels With Dolls Head Bite. Charles Boswell Stamped On The Flats. Push Lever Forend. Crisp Fine Detailed Scroll Engraving. Tightly Grained Walnut Stock.

339) 12 Bore HENRY of London Box Lock

Classic London box lock ejector. Scolop shaped action. Full crisp deep scroll engraving. Magnificent walnut stock, push rod foreend. 30 inch steel barrels. In wonderful condition.

199) 12 Bore Boxlock S BRAYBROOK (Downham Market)

Made as a pigeon gun. 30" Steel Barrels with open chokes. Wide file cut rib. An early pre-war gun in a very original condition. Some colour, scroll engraving with semi pistol grip English walnut stock. Lovely church windows.

383) 12 Bore ADAMS of London Hammer Gun

Superb 30 inch fine twist Damascus barrels. Shallow round actioned body. Back rebounding action locks. Adams patent top-lever action. Very crisp detailed scroll engraving throughout. Superb straight & walnut stock. Number two of a pair. This well balanced lovely game gun is in an unusually fine condition. Traces of colour and blueing. It is a joy to handle and shoot.

116) 12 Bore W. Richards Top Lever Hammer Gun

A most unusual quality hammer gun by W. Richards of Liverpool who excelled in making unusual and unique guns. This fine example was made for the Victorian passion of driven rabbit shooting. Certain classic English shooting estates provided days with named drives solely for the purpose of shooting large bags (over a 1000 head) of rabbits each day. This gun was made with this in mind and has fine 25 inch Damascus barrels with some choke, very crisp detailed engraving with a rabbit motif on the trigger guard. Weighing just over six pounds this gun would be ideal for walked-up or upland game shooting.

173) 12 Bore EDWINSON C GREEN Hammer Gun

Beautiful Side Lock Hammer Gun From This Reknowed Cheltenham Gunmaker. A Late Third Bite Dollshead Action. Crisp Detailed Engraving Rebounding Hammers. Beautifully Figure English Walnut Stock. 30" Fine Damascus Barrels.