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We carry a range of fine antique travelling decanters, cartridge magazines and cartrdige bags. Because of the varying conditions, price and availability of stock these are best dealt with by personal visits to the Gun Room only.

We're updating this section with a range of unusual and interesting accessories and gun room toys.

61) S M Berry 2 Bore Punt Gun

Hand made by S M Berry, in Woodbridge Suffolk, 1855. This unique wild fowling punt gun is in a remarkable original condition. Fabulous steel and Damascus twist 62" barrel. Percussion lock and hammer, overall length 81". A coffee table feature in the shape of a wooden boat comes with the gun, so it may be displayed in the lucky owners' gun room.

A) Cartridge Magazine

Purdey leather motor cartridge magazine. 2-250 capacity. 10" deep x 13" wide x 5" high.

B) Cartridge Magazine

Oak and leather brass cornered medium sized 350-400. Choice of gun maker labels available to personalise. 16" wide x 12" deep x 7" high.

C) Cartridge Magazine

Brass and leather motor case. 350 cartridge capacity. 18" wide x 13" deep x 6" high.

D) Cartridge Magazine

Leather and brass in very original condition. Thomas Clough of Kings Lyn, Royal Warrant to His Majesty the King (Sandringham). 16" wide x 16" deep x 6" high.

F) Cartridge Magazine

Classic Victorian brass - oak & leather cartridge magazine. 250+ capacity, Woodward label. 16" wide x 12" deep x 6" high.

G) Cartridge Magazine

Brass, oak & leather. Very high quality cartridge magazine. 350 Cartridge capacity. 19" wide x 13" deep x 6" high.

T1) Travelling Decanter Set by PURDEY

3 crystal decanters, 1 top layer with numbered shot glasses. 2nd tier - game engraved tumblers. 12" wide x 12" high x 12" deep.

T2) Travelling Decanter Set

Mahogany brass-bound travelling decanter set (Georgian Period.) Original lock and carrying handles, four period glass decanters. Nice conversation piece for a shoot drinks box. 9" wide x 9" deep x 10.5" high.

T3) Travelling Decanter Box

Travelling decanter set made from a brass and oak Samuel Knock powder magazine. Fun shooting accessory for lunch drinks. 18" wide x 8" deep x 11" high.

C1) Cannon

Fabulous bronze cannon. I believe early to mid 19th Century from Java. 46" barrel length. Great fun to use for special occasions.