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All our fine game guns have undergone an extensive programme of restoration. All barrels have been Re-London Nitro Proofed to 2 3/4" chambers. They naturally have a practical and sensible wall thickness, fine walnut stocks and forends, have a minimum LOP of 14 1/2" and have all undergone a refurbishment of their traditional oil finish and have been skillfully re-checkered. Gun specification measurements are approximate and are for guidance only.

Project Guns

These very special guns are the result of a long standing ambition to create a Homage to the finest Victorian Hammer Guns. Over the years I have rescued exceptional donor guns and with the help and skill of my team of the best traditional gunsmiths remade them to the very highest standard.I believe these guns are unique and the very best available.

119) W. GOLDEN 12 bore hammer gun

Very fine 30 inch Damascus nitro barrels 2 ¾ inch chambered open choke hammer gun: 26 thou average wall thickness, under lever: bar, side lock action with detailed crisp scroll engraving throughout. Traditional straight hand, highly figured walnut stock. LOP 14 ¾ inches . Well balanced at 6lb 10oz . W. Golden was the top provincial maker in his day. These guns were of the highest quality and ordered by royalty and society. They were very expensive. One of his most notable patrons were the family Marquis of Ripon.

167) 16 Bore Hammer Gun by SAMUEL MARSTON

True-scale lightweight 16 bore hammer gun. 29inch fine twist Damascus barrels. Bar side-lock action with third bite crossing bolt. Crisp classic scroll engraving throughout. Well figured walnut stock LOP 14 3/4inch. Weighs 5lbs 14oz.

139) WESTLEY RICHARDS 12 bore hammer gun

An early bar wood action Westley Richards patented hammer gun in pristine condition. A very similar gun is in the Royal Collection at Sandringham. Presentation quality and very much as made. 30 inch highly figured Damascus nitro barrels with Westley Richards patented furniture. Crisp classic scroll engraving, Dolphin rebounding hammers, fabulous complete walnut stock with steel butt plate crown engraving. LOP 14 ¾ inches. Weighs 6lb 2oz. Rare, unique, one of a kind.

99) CHARLES BOSWELL 12 Bore Hammer Gun

The finest custom Charles Boswell live pigeon gun. 30inch highly figured Damascus barrel 2 ¾ chambers, choked, tight half and ¾. Raised, filed rib, side-clips dolls head action. Finest scroll engraving throughout with long semi beavertail fore-end. Superb matched full pistol, walnut stock with fully engrave toe and heel clips. LOP 15inch. Well balanced at 8lbs 2oz.. a very fine example of a Boswell Monte Carlo Grand Prix live pigeon competition gun.

97) PURDEY 12 Bore Hammer Gun

A very fine Purdey bar-in-wood, under-lever side-lock snap action (very practical). Crisp rose & scroll engraving throughout with much colour. 31inch highly twist Damascus barrels with open choke. Nitro proofed 2 ¾ chambers. Highly figured French walnut stock and fore-end, fine condition. LOP 15inch. Well balanced at 6lbs 15oz.

287) 16 Bore Hammer Gun by BARTRAM

Lightweight, a true 16 bore. 30inch highly figured Damascus barrels. Swing fore-end lever opening - very quick, slick operation. Rounded bar with back action rebounding locks. Working grip safety (easily disengaged) straight handed walnut stock with toe and heel clips. LOP 14 ½ inch, weight 6lbs 6oz. An ideal, well balanced, small bird gun.

166) 12 bore box lock J CAREY

J Carey late Westley Richards. Very fine craftsman made box-lock ejector. In an outstanding condition. 28" barrels incorporating many features. 3rd bite side clips, beautiful figured walnut stock and fore-end. LOP 14" 1/4. Weight 6lbs 14oz. Carey was senior gun maker of Westley Richards who started his own gun making business, still located in Ledbury.

185) 16 Bore SAMUAL BUCKLEY Hammer Gun

30inch well-patterned Damascus barrelled 2 ¾ chamber choked ¼ and 1/2. True scale bar bolstered side-lock action. Crisped detailed engraving throughout. LOP 15inch. Nicely figured walnut stock. Weight 6lbs 5oz. An ideal, fast, superb small bird gun.

171) PURDEY percussion

A late rare 14 bore Purdey muzzle loader. In a very nice shootable condition. In a brass-bound mahogany case, with accessories.

198) 12 Bore .750 Hammer Gun by A HOLLIS AND SON.

A rare 12 bore hammer gun capable of firing a cordite .750 solid bullet accurately to 300 yards, via a shallow twist in the barrels. These all-round versatile guns were made for use in the colonies and were very successful. 28inch steel barrels, solid rim with leaf and moon sides. Side-lock cross-bar action with crisp scroll engraving, strong grained walnut semi-pistol stock, LOP 14 ½ inch. Weight 7lbs 8oz.

125) TRUE-LOCK AND HARRIS 10 bore hammer gun

An early high quality under lever 10 bore, classic dolphin hammers and scroll engraving throughout. 28 inch beautiful twist Damascus barrels, nitro proofed, 3 inch chambers. True scale highly figured walnut stock with toe and heel clips, LOP 14 ¾ inches. Weight 7 ½ lbs. A high quality very original 10 bore.

132) CHARLES HELLIS 12 bore hammer gun

Charles Hellis of London, gun maker. A nice quality top lever hammer gun, 30 inch Damascus barrels, 2 ¾ chamber choked tight ½ and ½ , side lock bar action with crisp scroll and game scene engraving, well figured walnut stock. LOP 15 inches. Weighs 7lb. A good all round clay or game hammer gun.

168) 12 Bore WILLIAM MOORE AND GREY Hammer Gun

This sensational gun is not a Pin fire it has a unique patent for a center fire with internal sprung firing pins made around 1866 It was the Rolls Royce of its day it remains in outstanding condition in every way. Daw style snap action locking system a joy to use. 31 inch replacement Whitworth steel barrels around 1890 I would think by the maker (original would have been Damascus ) lightly choked.. Well figured Walnut stock of the highest quality (small repair near right hand lock )with a LOP all wood 14 ½ inch. Well balanced the gun weighs 6lbs 14 oz. In an original makers case

200) 12 Bore WILLIAMSON BROTHERS Hammer Gun

A classic early under-lever hammer gun. Side-lock action with non-rebounding hammers. 30inch broad twist Damascus barrels, highly figured walnut stock LOP 15inch. Weight 14lbs 6oz. A quality hammer gun, great fun.

193) 12 Bore T JOHNSON Hammer Gun

30 inch highly figured Damascus barrels ¼ and ¼; 2 ¾ inch choked chambers. Very rare lefthand opening. Round bodied with back action locks. Traditional rose & scroll engraving throughout. Superb highly figured straight hand stock, LOP 15inch. Gold dukel oval. Thomas Johnson of Swatham, Norfolk was a classic gun maker to the London trade. This has all the characteristics of a Purdey and weighs lbs 10oz.

201) 12 Bore Hammer Gun by T STANSBY

Manchester classic styled hammer gun with traditional features. 3inch highly figured Damascus barrels chocked ¼ and ¼. Side locks scalloped action with distinctive styled feature crisp scrolled engraving throughout highly figured English walnut stock LOP 14 3/4, weight 6lbs 14oz. Nice original condition, great game gun.