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All our fine game guns have undergone an extensive programme of restoration. All barrels have been Re-London Nitro Proofed to 2 3/4" chambers. They naturally have a practical and sensible wall thickness, fine walnut stocks and forends, have a minimum LOP of 14 1/2" and have all undergone a refurbishment of their traditional oil finish and have been skillfully re-checkered. Gun specification measurements are approximate and are for guidance only.

Project Guns

These very special guns are the result of a long standing ambition to create a Homage to the finest Victorian Hammer Guns. Over the years I have rescued exceptional donor guns and with the help and skill of my team of the best traditional gunsmiths remade them to the very highest standard.I believe these guns are unique and the very best available.

PDCL) PURDEY Collection

Over 30 years I have collected Purdey shotguns. I have over 25 fine examples of the art of gun making by Purdey. They include muzzle loading shotguns, rifles; single and double, early patents of pinfires, very early centre-fire hammer guns of the varying Purdey patents, classic sidelock and bar-in-wood hammer shotguns, early hammerless sidelocks, and over-and-unders. Some of the guns are listed separately on my website. The whole collection includes Purdey memorabilia, cases, tools and accessories, and display cabinets. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a unique piece of history and would compliment any collection or gun room display. Please contact me for price and for further details.

Price on request
132) CHARLES HELLIS 12 bore hammer gun

Charles Hellis of London, gun maker. A nice quality top lever hammer gun, 30 inch Damascus barrels, 2 ¾ chamber choked tight ½ and ½ , side lock bar action with crisp scroll and game scene engraving, well figured walnut stock. LOP 15 inches. Weighs 7lb. A good all round clay or game hammer gun.

127) 12 Bore BOSS Hammer Gun

A very rare survivor, early centre fire boss under lever hammer gun: Dolphin hammers, classic Boss scroll engraving throughout. 30 inch star twist Damascus barrels, nitro proof. Nicely figured walnut stock. LOP 14 ¾ inches. Weight 6lbs 14oz. It’s a Boss and very much a shooter.

104) PURDEY 12 Bore Hammer Gun

A late Purdey, 1885, bar in wood hammer gun in pristine condition. 30 inch Whitworth steel barrels, choked, open ¼ and ½ . 25 thou average wall thickness. Crisp rose and scroll engraving throughout, fabulous highly figured walnut stock. LOP 14 ¾ inches. All wood. Weighs 6lb 12oz. Unique in this condition.

139) WESTLEY RICHARDS 12 bore hammer gun

An early bar wood action Westley Richards patented hammer gun in pristine condition. A very similar gun is in the Royal Collection at Sandringham. Presentation quality and very much as made. 30 inch highly figured Damascus nitro barrels with Westley Richards patented furniture. Crisp classic scroll engraving, Dolphin rebounding hammers, fabulous complete walnut stock with steel butt plate crown engraving. LOP 14 ¾ inches. Weighs 6lb 2oz. Rare, unique, one of a kind.


A Rare Best Grade Holland Paradox Top Lever back action Locks in fine condition .28 inch steel sighted Barrels Nitro Proofed for Hollands Paradox cartridge ammunition very much a practical shooter. One Family descent owner ship .Well figured capped pistol grip stock LOP 15 inch Weight of gun 7 pounds. A very desirable Practical Historic Paradox.

150) 12 bore PURDEY side lock ejector

A late Purdey side lock ejector with 2 sets of barrels. In a fitted London best motor case. 28" barrels choked 1/4 and 1/2. 30" barrels choked 3/4 and full. LOP 14" 3/4. Weight 6lbs 12oz. A classic Purdey at it's best, with the flexibility of 2 sets of barrels for different quarry shooting. Purdey at it's best.

120) C.G. BONEHILL 12 bore hammer gun

A fine, good value, all round (clays and game) hammer gun probably made as a competition live pigeon gun: 30 inch steel full choke barrel, broad raised top rib with cross bolt, third bite fastening, crisp scroll engraving throughout, semi pistol, dark grained walnut stock. LOP 14 ½ inches . Weight 7lb 4oz.

149) J E PONTING 12 bore hammer gun

A very traditional beautifully made Provincal Hammer gun of the Highest quality by Ponting of Malmesbury Wiltshire probably made as a special order to the local nobility. Malmesbury is surrounded by fine country house estates famous for Partridge shooting. Fine bar sidelock action with crisp fine engraving through out .30 inch fine detailed twist Damascus barrels min average 35 thou wall thickness choked ¼ & ¼ . Classic highly figured Walnut stock with engraved pistol cap and toe and Heal clips LOP 15 inch with matching long beavertail style forend the gun is well balanced and weighs 7lbs 6 ounces. See our note on Project guns

128) PARKINSON 12 bore hammer gun

J. Parkinson of Dublin : a very good classic back action game gun. Full capped pistol grip and patented fore end in pristine condition. 30 inch fine twist Damascus barrels, ¼ inch choked, wall thickness 32 thou on average. Well figured walnut stock, LOP 14 ¾ inches with original engraved butt plate. Weight 6lb 14 oz.

178) 12 bore WOODWARD over and under

One of the last Woodward over and unders made. Superb live pigeon gun. 30" tightly choked barrels. Classic stock and fore-end. Fine Woodward engraving with much colour. Oak and leather case. Please contact me for more details.

Price on request
126) STEPHEN GRANT 12 bore hammer gun

The fourth gun made by Stephen Grant in 1866 and the first centre fire. The same model was given as a birthday/Christmas present by Queen Victoria to her son, the Prince of Wales. The condition is mint. It has been nitro proofed. What a piece of history to go shooting with: original throughout, 30 inch Damascus barrels, open choke (choking had yet to be invented), crisp scroll engraving throughout, exhibition walnut stock and fore end. LOP 14 ½ inches. A valuable piece of history.

133) C.H. WESTON 2 inch 12 bore

Charles Arthur Weston of Brighton, gun maker. 2 inch box lock ejector, made in 1920: one lady owner, in its original case with 250 Eley 2 inch cartridges, 26 inch nitro steel barrel, tightly choked. Average wall thickness 28 thou. Straight hand ¬¬¬¬well figured walnut stock. LOP 14 ¾ inches . An ideal lightweight 5lb 7oz 12 bore for walked up game / small bird shooting in outstanding original condition.

135) ADAMS LONDON 12 bore hammer gun

A very pretty understated round body back action hammer gun. Crisp classic scroll engraving. 30 inch fine twist Damascus barrels. 28 thou average wall thickness, quite open choked. Weight 6lb 10 oz. Nicely figured walnut stock. LOP 14 ¾ inches. Well balanced fast game gun. You would think it a Purdey.

137) HOLLIS 12 bore hammer gun

A late presentation hammer gun: may have been a live pigeon gun: 30 inch fine twist, Damascus nitro barrels, choked ¾ and ¾ . 2 ¾ inch chambered dolls head extension, 34 thou average wall thickness, side lock top lever action. Highly detailed deep Celtic style engraving throughout, well figured walnut stock. LOP 14 ¾ inches . weight 6lb 14oz.

180) 12 bore PURDEY hammer gun

A 12 bore 'Grade A' Purdey hammer gun. Very high quality finish and engraving. Highly figured walnut stock. 30" Damascus high twist barrels. Choked 1/4 and 1/2. LOP 15". Weight 6lbs 10oz.

88) 12 bore BOSS pin fire

An early rare Boss pin fire. In nice condition. No license required to purchase and can be used as a gun room display item.